Japan ladies

What can we say about the ladies once we recover from our speechless tail wagging day to day incomprehension of the amount of beautiful ladies in this country. Our necks are forever whiplashed following quick tips from ever vigilent eyes of the roaming pack.

What we can say shall go in this post, the good, the incredible, the bad, the funny, the strange and the shocking. What do a bunch of young and ageing tomcats with a bit of knowledge of the language and culture really get up to in Japan? Exactly what we had intended all along; bicultural integration and procreation my friends.

Lets start with a stark reality, Japan is a male dominated society, yet the average Japanese male tends to lack the self confidence to approach girls in bars, on the street, on the trains, at starbucks or in any other place.

More to this story, the average Japanese male considers a women over 30 to be used goods, therefore if they do build up the courage to talk to a girl or begin their own style of tomcatting in their workplace they rarely target any girl older than 30.

What a pity, as a result there are thousands, if not millions of smoking hot early to late 30s bijins, even incredible women in their early to late 40s, repressed, shunned and eager to please. Not that they are at all submissive the gates of heaven still require the right delicate yet persistant tools to open. Enter the tomcats, fresh off the plane on a trip three years in the making with the sole purpose to fill that empty gap....


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